Data Deletion Request

Screenshot of app being removed via Apps and Websites page with Send Request button visible

Your Data is Your Own,

You Have Control Over It.

How to Request, Data Deletion

This post explains how you can request us to delete your data

Why do this?

  • Because you are not longer using the app/game
  • Because you are not satisfied with our Privacy Policy and how we use your data

The post is short, a simple outline for deletion.

To help you get started, follow through:

  • You must have logged in using Facebook in our app/game, in case of other mode of login contact support.
  • You may request us to delete data using the support button in the app/game in the “Settings Menu” or you may contact us using our support channel by emailing us at
  • The email must contain the following
    • user id
    • email id
  • After sending us the deletion request your work is done our team will process your request within two weeks and you will get a confirmation email for the completion for the same.

Please note after sending us the deletion request you cannot cancel the “Deletion Request”

All your data/saved games, stats will be deleted and you will no longer to be able to continue where you left off in the app/game.

We’re please to serve you.

For any other query feel free to contact us at

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